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Tantillo Architecture is a high energy generalist architectural design firm focused on bringing innovative design strategies to commercial and residential clients. They are focused on shaping the built environment with elegant solutions to challenging problems utilizing the latest design tools to facilitate both clarity and precision when presenting their ideas. They seek to operate across the macro to the micro scale of development and design, crafting spaces that honor and delight the user and strive to enhance the experience of place. The character of place as a function of its historic, topographic, environmental, technological, cultural, and economic conditions are the raw material mined in order to develop richly textured design solutions. The ability to unlock creative design solutions while providing leadership through the design process creates an open dialogue that is always centered on superior client service.

From Decorative Metal Panels for a Restaurant to Much More

Tantillo Architecture was looking for a metal fabrication company to produce decorative metal panels for a restaurant project. They initially contacted GTM Artisan Metal about producing a decorative metal entry way for an upscale Peruvian restaurant in Philadelphia, PA.

However, after several consultations with the project’s lead architect, the project scope grew considerably to include fabricated bar tops, bar rails, shelving, and miscellaneous other steel pieces—all powder coated in the same color to maintain the architect’s vision throughout the entire restaurant and bar areas.

Since all of the work started at the laser cutting process, GTM Artisan Metal’s head laser engineer was tasked with prioritizing the different segments of the project in a way that made sense and provided steady work flow through subsequent work cells. GTM Artisan Metal worked with the architect from initial design through project completion to ensure that the quality, creativity and timelines of this large-scale restaurant project were met.

About the Solution

Part Description: bar tops and rails, decorative screen, shelving
Material: Steel
Application: Restaurant fit out for an upscale Peruvian Restaurant
Process: Laser cut, bend, weld and dress, timesave, powder coat, material and finish selection

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