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Custom restaurant decorative wall panels can beautify a dining space with a modern flair of metallic design. These attractive powder coated aluminum panels are laser cut and perfect for restaurants and bars. Our colored powder coat finishes can simulate gold, bronze, pewter and other metals to align with a variety of interior decoration styles. Decorative wall panels from GTM Artisan Metal are custom made and can fit your budget and design needs. There are many ways to use these architectural design elements to enhance your dining experience. Our panels are often seen on restaurant walls, front of bar designs, and dining room ceilings. Metal laser cut screens can also be included in your floorplan as movable restaurant partitions, sliding doors, room partitions. These metal partitions can be repositioned to separate and create private dining spaces indoors, or outdoors on a patio or dining deck. Ask us about our outdoor installation options.

Faro Airport Restaurant - Feature Wall

Lannex Coctail Bar – Custom Map


Designer Laser Cut Patterns For Any Restaurant Style

Our restaurant decorative wall panels are attractive aluminum panels that are laser cut and powder coated to beautifully showcase designs. We offer you an impressive library of laser cut patterns from our Miles & Lincoln collection. Some of these pattern choices come from old world aesthetics, while others display bold and exciting contemporary styles. These metal panels can be used as architectural design elements for feature walls, front of bar designs, movable restaurant partitions, space dividers, booth seating, and more. As a US company, we are proud to be the US authorized fabricator for Miles & Lincoln designs.

Renegado Fina Restaurant – Framed Space Divider

Moss & Oak Restaurant

Paris House Restaurant – Curved Screen

VYNE Restaurant


Customize Your Restaurant Decorative Wall Panels

You can fully customize your restaurant decorative wall panels to give your customers a truly special dining experience. This means that you can include a custom logo, message, or address on your panels; and your customization options don’t stop there. We provide 11 standard color options for Powder Coat Finishing to give you control over the unique look of your decorative metal screens. We are also able to work with your sizing and display needs in a variety of ways. This includes reducing the size of panels to meet tight spacing requirements, or extending a design across multiple panels for larger projects. We can also cut metal screens to be displayed as backlit signs. Adding backlighting lets you clearly display your decorative metal panels in dim environments or as an outdoor evening display.

Chop Bar & Grill

The Kitty Hawk

Grand Designs Live

Nova Restaurant

M Restaurant

M Restaurant


Memorable Designs For Dining And Drinking

Restaurant decorative wall panels can set a business apart from its competitors by creating an inviting and memorable atmosphere. The design of a dining area, café, or bar counter can elevate the experience of visitors, encouraging them to come back and share their experience with others. A simple bar area can be upgraded into a work of art by creating front of bar designs with laser cut decorative panels. Seating areas can be surrounded with gorgeous patterns, cut from artisanal panels and coated to your preference. Our designs can greatly enhance the visual appeal of a room, while blending with current furniture and architecture. Many of our metal screens can also pair well with your holiday and seasonal decorations. Patterns are cut completely through each metal sheet, allowing you to easily incorporate decorations around the border of metal panels to suit your tastes.

M Restaurant – Freestanding Screens

The Lalit Hotel

The Gherkin – Top Floor Restaurant

Costa Coffee – Heathrow Airport

Vida Verde

Private Bar – Framed Screen

McGuffie Bar

Contact GTM Artisan Metal

Connect with the experts at GTM Artisan Metal to discuss options for creating your ideal restaurant dining room and bar designs. We can provide solutions that fit your existing themes and branding goals. For a price quote on your next project, Contact Us Today or give us a call directly. Our talented team will work with you through every stage of your order. We are experts at fabricating custom restaurant decorative wall panels and we look forward to enhancing your dining room and bar areas.

GTM Artisan Metal is an US authorized fabricator for Miles & Lincoln designs, located in the US.