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GTM Artisan Metal creates architectural metal screen panels that can be customized and professionally installed in a variety of public spaces. Integrating architectural metal screen panels is a powerful way to upgrade the appearance of public spaces such as a hotel lobbies, office building façades, reception desks, outdoor courtyards, restaurant dining areas, mezzanine entryways, and storefronts. These laser cut metal panels can be customized as architectural wall panels, ceiling installations, space dividers, laser cut signage, and decorative metal gates. View our featured projects for examples of how GTM Artisan Metal can bring the best out of your space.

Goodmans Fields - London

East Village - London

Queen Elizabeth St.

Little Jasmine Salon

Paris House Restaurant – Curved Screen

VYNE Restaurant

Moss & Oak Restaurant


Create Emotional Connections

GTM Artisan Metal has worked with clients on indoor installations and outdoor landscape architecture for private, retail, and corporate locations. As our clients have found, architectural metal screen panels offer many ways to breathe life into a space. Our customized approach considers biophilic design principles to inspire positive emotional responses and overall stress reduction. Through strategic use of naturally occurring elements such as sunlight, shadows, and organic patterns, visual connections with nature can be created that improve the sense of health and well-being within an environment. Our selection of panels can also interact with natural airflows, while indoor installations can be paired with fixed electric lighting to create dramatic and calming effects.


Clark Tower



Highly-Exclusive Laser Cut Designs

All of our architectural metal screen panels are laser cut with precision, ensuring an accurate embodiment of your preferred digital design. Our highly-exclusive European laser cut designs are provided Miles and Lincoln, our partner in the UK. Furthermore, you may choose to integrate a company logo into a design for a truly customized look and feel. We are also proud to offer a diverse palette of colored powder coat finishes for your particular design needs. Designs can be copied across multiple interior and exterior metal wall panels to create cohesion between distant locations, or displayed as a single panel that spans the length of an entire room or dining area.

The Wesley Hotel

Lace Market Hotel

Hurford Salvi Carr

3M Building – Foyer Elevator Screens


Connect with Our Team

Contact GTM Artisan Metal to discuss the scope of your project and for a price quote on our laser cut architectural metal screen panels. We are equipped to offer custom solutions for the needs of particular industries and complex spaces. You can trust our passionate customer service team to take ownership of your design requirements at every level of planning and production. We look forward to providing you with the finest quality of architectural metal screen panels and laser cut designs for your next design project.

GTM Artisan Metal is an US authorized fabricator for Miles & Lincoln designs, located in the US.