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Decorative sheet metal panels can be used as metal office dividers, branded signs, and custom laser cut maps, to name a few applications. For modern office design, there are many exciting ways to showcase your brand and your company culture. With strategically selected patterns, laser cut metal screens can achieve a variety of aesthetic moods. This means that you can incorporate botanical patterns, geometric patterns, world patterns, or classic designs to define a corporate image for large or small offices. Laser cut metal screens can also be used as metal office dividers, creating private and productive areas within virtually any floorplan. You can find our beautiful Miles & Lincoln designs in office lobbies, reception areas, mezzanines, conference rooms, meeting rooms, and near other building entrances and exits. Make first impressions count while impressing your employees and guests throughout their time in your office.

Laser Cut Ceiling – One Forbury Square

Swift Prepaid Order – Buffalo Grove, IL


Beautiful European designs for working environments

GTM Artisan Metal offers attractive laser cut patterns from the designers at Miles & Lincoln. GTM Artisan Metal is an US authorized fabricator for Miles & Lincoln designs. View some of these attractive designs in our Library of Laser Cut Patterns. With beautiful and varied designs, our decorative sheet metal panels help to unlock your imagination and support your interior and exterior design goals. Our collection of more than 200 designs can match existing office styles, or take your office designs into an entirely new direction. We have additional capabilities to customize your laser cut panels with a street address, suite number, and other branding.

Clark Tower

Hurford Salvi Carr – Alie St. London

222 North LaSalle

Amazon Regional HQ – Barcelona

Aberdeen Asset Management – Laser Cut Screens


Custom metal screens to suit your working environment

These laser cut panels are fully customizable to match your office environment. Metal screens can be sized to fit your unique floor, ceiling, and wall customization needs. Branding elements can be integrated into your metal laser cut screen panels, to include logos, customized aerial maps, or branded text as a part of a display. We can develop completely unique custom map feature walls as metal map wall art or suspended ceiling maps within boardrooms, retail locations, hotel lobbies, and open-concept offices. These custom metal maps can highlight important geographical areas for travelers, employees, and any visitors that view your space.

42 Trinity Sq. – London

Thai Airways

WTW Willis Building


Enhance the emotional atmosphere in your office

Laser cut metal screens can create emotional benefits that will enhance your office environment. By creating privacy and structure with metal office dividers, collaborative settings can be defined for promoting focus and productivity. Our metal office dividers can be permanently fixed in place, or installed upon moveable bases to offer dynamic repositioning options. Integrating biophilic designs from our Botanical Design Collection can also introduce calming feelings that encourage stress reduction for employees and visitors.

Laser Cut Ceiling – Quartz Building

Amazon Regional HQ – Barcelona

Open Workspace Design

Crowther Associates

Rothko Investment

3M Building – Foyer Elevator Screens


Custom laster cut maps

Custom laser cut maps can also add a local charm to a conference room, implying an understanding of a particular geographic market. Many modern working environments are steering away from bland and repressive designs, choosing to creatively enhance spaces with added architectural appeal.

GTM Artisan Metal is an US authorized fabricator for Miles & Lincoln designs, located in the US.