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Custom metal home decor made by the experts at GTM Artisan Metal will set your home or residential building apart with beautiful laser cut panel designs. These professionally coated aluminum decorative panels can display unique styles for indoor and outdoor applications. Panels can be installed as attractive wall decorations, ceiling-mounted metal art pieces, space dividers, privacy screens or deck railing infill for balconies or staircase bannisters. Our beautiful aluminum panels are laser cut to your exact specifications, giving you complete control of your custom metal home decor.

Laser Cut Garden Screen – Private Client

Laser Cut Brise Soleil – Private Client

Framed Room Dividers – Private Client

Laser Cut Balustrade - Private Client

Laser Cut Balustrade and Glazed Screens

Laser Cut Framed Screens – Private Client

Laser Cut Sliding Doors – Private Client

Laser Cut Glazed Screens – Private Client

Laser Cut Balustrade

Decorative Porch Screens


Customize Your Metal Home Decor

Every metal screen is custom-made by GTM Artisan Metal, which gives you an array of attractive options for customization. Our 11 standard options for colored powder coating create a world of possibilities. Additionally, you can precisely define the sizing of any indoor or outdoor metal screen panels. This allows you to add custom metal home decor to a foyer, hallway, reading nook, bedroom, garden, or patio. We also offer a selection of fine European laser cut patterns for you to choose from, including botanical, modern geometric, cultural and classic designs. These patterns are sourced from Miles & Lincoln, leading designers from the UK; and we are proud to be the only authorized fabricator for their designs in the US. A pattern can be displayed on a single panel of nearly ten feet in length, or shared across multiple combined panels.

Laser Cut Screens in Freestanding Frame

Laser Cut Balustrade Screens

Brise Soleil


Plan Your Designs with a Library of Laser Cut Patterns

We offer multiple design categories to assist you in your creative exploration. Our Laser Cut Pattern Categories include World, Geometric, Classic, and Botanical designs. With our natural Botanical patterns in particular, you can create biophilic designs by introducing natural patterns to your home. Biophilic design is the practice of bringing natural themes to inorganic spaces, thus creating relaxing and enjoyable effects. Natural patterns can be used to enhance homes in urban or rural areas to create a more comfortable living experience.

Room Dividers – Splinter Design

Sliding Doors

Laser Cut Sliding Doors

Laser Cut Kitchen Island Screens

Terrace Garden Screens

Chelsea Flower Show

Garden Screen


Beautiful. Functional. Memorable.

Custom metal home decor can be installed purely for decorative qualities, but you can also install screens as more functional parts of your home design. Aluminum metal panels can be used as decorative deck railing panels, privacy screens, or as a way to welcome guests with a laser cut address included in your design. Laser cut window screens, decorative metal gates, and metal door panels can also enhance the security of your home when installed properly. Installation options can be discussed for a variety of applications and to meet your unique decorating needs. While aluminum decorative panels are known as attractive design pieces, they can also become useful features of your home.

Roof Top Garden

Private Client

Garden Screen

Garden Dividers

Roof Top Garden

Laser Cut Pergola – Private Client

Balcony Infill

Laser Cut Balustrade

Balustrade Infill

Balustrade Infill

Spiral Staircase

Room Dividers – Private Client

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Connect with our dedicated team to discuss your options for installing beautiful custom metal home decor in your personal residence or other residential properties. We will be able to provide a price quote and additional details about the ordering process. Whether you are installing deck railing infill, functional metal doors, or decorative feature walls, GTM Artisan Metal has the expertise to bring your vision to life. Contact Us Today to get started at [email protected] or 215-478-4532.

GTM Artisan Metal is an US authorized fabricator for Miles & Lincoln designs, located in the US.