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These stairway, balcony, and deck railing infill panels are custom laser cut balustrade products offered by GTM Artisan Metal. Laser cut balustrade panels can be used as decorative metal railing for a variety of interior and exterior design applications. These custom decorative railing panels can be installed on small balconies, large decks, and ready-made metal tubular or timber systems for new staircases. For exterior design, laser cut balcony screens can be used for Juliet and conventional balconies. All of our laser cut balustrade infill panels can be designed and custom-cut to meet specific sizing requirements. This allows for easy installation of decorative metal panels as a part of existing railing and posts, or for brand new construction projects.

Laser Cut Balustrade – Private Client - Tiger Leaf

Laser Cut Balustrade and Glazed Screens


What is a Laser Cut Metal Balustrade?

A laser cut metal balustrade, or metal infill panel, is a decorative metal panel that is typically installed as a part of a deck railing, balcony, wall, or banister. These decorative railing panels can be used to add safety, privacy, and visual appeal to parts of your architecture. Including a balustrade in the construction of a railing can resist the look of blank or austere design. As you can see in these photos of our satisfied clients, there are a myriad of design applications for these infill panels. Our metal screens are perfect for redesigning and restyling your home, tight balcony spaces, rounded stair cases, and outdoor deck railing.

Laser Cut Balustrade - Private Client - Crosshatch

Laser Cut Balustrade – San Manuel – Weave

Vida Verde

Spiral Staircase


Personalize your Laser Cut Balustrade

You can fully customize your laser cut balustrade infill screens with our library of attractive laser cut patterns from designed by Miles & Lincoln or do a custom pattern. We are a US authorized fabricator of Miles & Lincoln designs in the US. You can further personalize your space by choosing from our selection of 11 standard colors for powder coat finishing. To give you even more control over your customization, you can also include custom branding elements as a part of your decorative metal screen design. You may incorporate a laser cut logo, address, or custom lettering.

Laser Cut Balustrade

M Restaurant

Balustrade Infill

Private Client

Laser Cut Balustrade

Balcony Infill


Create Unique Visual Effects

Deck railing infill panels and other metal balustrade products can create a distinctive look, elevating your deck, balcony or staircase to a higher level of design aesthetic. One advantage of using these laser cut balustrades is that your designs are able to interact with ambient lighting and create artistic shadows. Our extensive collection of highly-exclusive designs can create unique patterns of light and shadow with indoor and outdoor installations. By incorporating decorative railing panels into your architecture, you are creating artistic focal points that will impress and attract.

Laser Cut Balustrade

Laser Cut Balustrade Screens

Queen Elizabeth St

Decorative Porch Screens

Contact Our Team

Working with GTM Artisan Metal on your next design project offers you the support of our dedicated customer service team. We will communicate with you on an individualized basis through the design and ordering process for your metal laser cut infill. We take your specific needs into account while assisting you with your order. This includes custom sizing, coloration, branding, and other design options. Contact GTM Artisan Metal today for a price quote on your next infill or balustrade installation project.

GTM Artisan Metal is an US authorized fabricator for Miles & Lincoln designs, located in the US.