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Our beautifully designed outdoor metal privacy panels are able to enhance the appearance of an outdoor area, while offering benefits such as shade, privacy, and security. Outdoor laser cut screens can be installed outdoors as part of a pergola, canopy, brise soleil, decorative wall, metal gate, or series of divider screens. Having the ability to customize your exterior space with outdoor metal privacy panels allows you to make a strong impression on visitors and take advantage of seasonal aesthetics. With GTM Artisan Metal, you also have access to a highly-exclusive collection of European Laser Cut Patterns from Miles & Lincoln, leading designers from the UK. We are the only US authorized fabricator for these exquisite Miles & Lincoln designs.

Laser Cut Garden Screen – Private Client

Laser Cut Brise Soleil – Private Client

Entwine Outdoor Privacy Screens – Private Residence

Outdoor Screen – Frond

Laser Cut Pergola

Courtyard Laser Cut Screens


Uses of Laser Cut Outdoor Metal Panels

Outdoor laser cut screens can be used within a wide variety of outdoor spaces and architectural styles. For the attractive display of outdoor wall mounted panels, laser cut designs can be attached to existing infrastructure and backlit for dramatic effect. Backlighting your outdoor panels will also also ensure the visibility of your laser cut designs, day or night. Installation using standoff spacers in conjunction with LED lighting can provide a visually appealing solution to plain walls and fencing.

Laser Cut Garden Screen

Roof Top Garden

Garden Dividers – Private Client

Garden Screen


For additional uses, multiple outdoor metal panels can be combined to create larger architectural displays. For example, interconnected pergola laser cut roof panels can supply shade to a garden, courtyard, or other outdoor space. A brise soleil can also be added to the exterior of a building, to offer enhanced shade and reduced cooling costs for buildings during warmer months. Additionally, outdoor metal privacy panels can be used as freestanding or fixed divider screens for your exterior spaces. Dividing screens are fixed in position with easily available wooden or metal supporting posts, providing separation and privacy areas. Outdoor garden laser cut screens and laser cut gates can also add a unique flair to large or small garden spaces, regardless of the season.

Foxrock, Dublin – Private Client

Roof Top Garden

Garden Screen – Private Client


Benefits of Outdoor Biophilic Design

New research supports measurable, positive impacts of biophilic design on health. According to established biophilic design principles, connecting people with natural elements can have beneficial physiological and psychological benefits. Thermal & Airflow Variability is a biophilic design pattern that includes changes in air temperature, relative humidity, airflow across the skin, and varied surface temperatures. While there are biophilic benefits to replicating these organic conditions indoors, outdoor garden laser cut screens will let you naturally take advantage of the same stimulating environmental factors. Outdoor laser cut screens can create unique artistic focal points and seamlessly evoke the human-nature connection that we all share.

Chelsea Flower Show

Laser Cut Screens

Terrace Garden Screens

Courtyard Garden Screens

Balcony Infill

M Restaurant – Freestanding Screens

McGuffie Bar


Your Customization Options

Outdoor laser cut screens from GTM Artisan Metal are able to be customized in a variety of ways. You can design and order individual outdoor metal privacy panels that meet your exact sizing specifications, or you can work with our dedicated customer service team to plan out multi-panel constructions and specialty requests. Every laser cut metal panel can be created using one of our highly-exclusive Miles & Lincoln designs, with your choice of 11 standard colors for powder coat finishes. You may also include customized branding elements such as a company logo or a company name as a part of your final design. If your outdoor laser cut screen is facing a public area, you also have the choice to include a street number into your design for enhanced visibility.

Laser Cut Gate – Private Client

Laser Cut Gates – The Leat Apartments

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Dream Cruises – Viewing Deck

Valentine Place

Laser Cut Screens in Freestanding Frame

Decorative Porch Screens


Queen Elizabeth St.

Brise Soleil

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GTM Artisan Metal is equipped to handle your specific needs for outdoor metal panel design and custom fabrication. We take your particular goals into account through every step of the design and ordering process, providing you with individualized attention and unmatched customer service. We can provide insights for virtually any outdoor laser cut screen project, including courtyard pergolas, balcony infill design, and custom garden laser cut screens. Our experienced team can address the unique challenges that your outdoor space may present. Contact GTM Artisan Metal today to discuss your options for outdoor laser cut screens and for a price quote on your next project.

GTM Artisan Metal is an US authorized fabricator for Miles & Lincoln designs, located in the US.