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GTM Artisan Metal offer laser cut screens in elegant slim line aluminum frames, powder coated in a range of bronzes, brass, copper, pewter, silver and quartz colors. Framed space dividing screens are provided with adjustable pedestal feet which compensate for any irregular floor to ceiling dimensions. This enables a fast installation at minimal cost. Moveable laser cut screens with frames are also available with an elegant weighted base allowing easy re-positioning to allow creative use of space in office, dining or pavement seating areas.

Private Client – Framed Screen – Agra

Laser Cut Framed Screens

Room Dividers – Private Client

M Restaurant

Rothko Investment

Crowther Associates

McGuffie Bar

Open Workspace Design

Room Dividers

Private Bar – Framed Screens

The Halkin Hotel

Queen Elizabeth St.

VYNE Restaurant WIP

Grosvenor Pulford Hotel & Spa

All Miles & Lincoln patterns/designs are copyright protected, and are not to be reproduced or modified without our written consent.
GTM Artisan Metal is the only US authorized fabricator for Miles & Lincoln designs, located in the US.

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Laser Cut Metal Screens for Architecture & Interiors