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Laser cut metal panels and screens from GTM Artisan Metal feature highly-exclusive designs. These framed screen panels consist of attractive patterns, laser cut into metal panels and bordered with elegant slim line aluminum frames. These laser cut metal panels and screens can be attached to walls, floors, and ceilings as immovable installations, or they can be free-standing on moveable bases. With the option to move and rearrange your laser cut decorative metal screens, you can creatively make private spaces as you need them, sectioning off areas for use in open office designs, restaurants, sidewalk seating, or patio dining.

Laser Cut Framed Screens – Private Client

Framed Room Dividers – Private Client - Coral

Framed Screen - The Cloisters - Lido

Private Client – Framed Screen – Agra

Laser Cut Framed Screens

Room Dividers – Private Client

M Restaurant


The laser cut decorative metal screens can be customized in a variety of ways. We offer options for colored powder coat finishes, custom sizing, a wide variety of attractive designs, and options for customizing your designs with a logo or other branding elements. Each of our highly-exclusive European designs have been created by the designers of Miles & Lincoln, in the UK. GTM Artisan Metal is the only US authorized fabricator for their designs and we offer you a large selection of laser cut decorative metal screen patterns to choose from. Every design can be customized with a logo before being laser cut into your metal framed screen panels with clean precision. Additionally, housing a laser cut decorative metal screen in an aluminum frame creates a refined and intricate effect, while offering additional options for color customization.

Rothko Investment

Crowther Associates

McGuffie Bar


Your laser cut metal panels and screens can interact with their environment in a variety of ways, creating visually pleasing effects for employees, clients, and patrons. Installing your frames as fixed, indoor space dividers can create unique visual effects as guests peer though attractive designs that have been laser cut from your framed screen panels. Having some visibility through each laser cut decorative metal screen allows guests to maintain awareness of their environment, while the metal panels still offer enhanced privacy.

Open Workspace Design

Room Dividers

Private Bar – Framed Screens

The Halkin Hotel


Interior lighting and natural sunlight can also create unique effects when the light interacts with the laser cut designs. Light and shadow can intermingle in a display that is unique to the architectural and lighting elements of your space. Natural sunlight can also cast shadows that slowly move and change throughout the day, creating organic displays that further enhance the aesthetics of your space.

Queen Elizabeth St.

VYNE Restaurant WIP

Grosvenor Pulford Hotel & Spa

To learn more about the beautiful architectural applications of laser cut metal panels and screens, connect with the experts at GTM Artisan Metal. Our laser cut metal panels and screens are available as fixed installations, or moveable privacy screens that let you customize your space at any time. The dedicated customer team at GTM Artisan Metal will walk you through the design and ordering process, taking your individual needs into account. Contact Us Today for a price quote on your next interior or exterior design project.

GTM Artisan Metal is an US authorized fabricator for Miles & Lincoln designs, located in the US.