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Metal feature walls from GTM Artisan Metal are made from wall mounted metal panels that display highly-exclusive laser cut designs. Our designer feature walls can also be backlit with LED lighting to add effects of colors and shadows. Add a feature wall for restaurant, office, hotel, foyer, or atrium enhancement. Precision laser cut metal panels can be displayed on the walls of hallways, or in the open space of a reception area as an entry feature wall.

Feature Wall - East Village, London

Feature Wall - Goodmans Fields, London

Feature Wall - Faro Airport

Swift Prepaid Order – Buffalo Grove, IL

Feature Wall – Imoto Restaurant – Starburst

Feature Wall – Saady and Saxe – Ribbons

Elevator Lobby Feature Wall – Quilt


The fine European designs we offer for your metal feature wall are created by Miles & Lincoln, leading designers of laser cut patterns from the UK. You may choose from an extensive library of these highly-exclusive designs while also customizing your metal panels in a variety of ways. Laser cut screen panels can be specially made to include a company logo or other branding as a part of the overall design. Additional options for customization include your choice of panel sizing and 11 standard powder coat finishes.

Scott Co KS Medical Center – Custom Wall Screen

WTW Willis Building

Thai Airways

42 Trinity Sq.

Aberdeen Asset Management – Laser Cut Screens

Amazon Regional HQ

Amnesia Club

Laser Cut Wall Screens

City Suites Apartments – Foyer Screens

Atrium Screens

America Square

Homewood Suites by Hilton


A metal feature wall can bring new life to an indoor or outdoor space, giving you a variety of ways to make an emotional impact on your visitors. The designer patterns cut from these metal panels can create unique shadows and lighting effects when backlit or exposed to natural sunlight. Integrating natural light from a window or building entrance allows your designs to shift and evolve throughout the day. Make first impressions last and impress your clients, customers, and employees with timeless metal décor. Elevate your space beyond drywall and paint with modern metal design solutions from GTM Artisan Metal.

Dream Cruises – Viewing Deck


Clark Tower

222 North LaSalle

Courtyard Laser Cut Screens

3M Building – Foyer Elevator Screens

Whether you are looking for restaurant feature walls, corporate entry feature walls, or a metal feature wall for any other space, GTM Artisan Metal has design and installation solutions to meet your needs. Connect with our team of dedicated specialists to begin your order, we will walk you through the design process and provide you with superior customer service. Our laser cut panels are featured in private homes, outdoor spaces, corporate offices, restaurants, retail settings, hotels, and VIP areas. Trust the proven experts at GTM Artisan Metal, contact us today.

GTM Artisan Metal is an US authorized fabricator for Miles & Lincoln designs, located in the US.