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GTM Artisan Metal specializes in the creation of attractive metal screens for laser cut screen doors, windows and gates. Our laser cutting designs for gates and laser cut screen doors can be customized to include hinges, sliding door mechanisms, or notches to allow for a keypad or other security feature to be installed. GTM Artisan Metal is the exclusive US authorized fabricator for Miles & Lincoln designs and we are proud to custom-cut your artisan metal screens in the US, giving you virtually complete control over your design and sizing preferences.

Laser Cut Door Screen – Private Client

Laser Cut Sliding Doors - Private Client

Door Window Screen - Private Client

Window Screen - Merchants House

Window Screen – David Yurman NYC – Agra

Outdoor Private Client – Entwine in Dark Bronze

Valentine Place


Popular Uses of Laser Cut Security Screens

Laser cut screens are used for decorative security panels on external gates, interior doors, and windows of all sizes. Laser cut screen doors and window panels are an attractive way to provide enhanced privacy and security benefits to a home or business, without resorting to crude bars or imposing metal barriers. Laser cutting designs for gates let you create a decorative and secure outdoor entrance to a back yard, pool, or patio area. For indoor uses of laser cut metal doors, we can provide laser cut infill panels for installation in framed, pocket, bi-fold or roller type doors. Windows can also be accented by decorative metal screens, offering additional security and privacy without giving up on desirable décor.

Laser Cut Gate – Private Client

Westbourne Lofts

Laser Cut Gates – The Leat Apartments

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Grosvenor Pulford – Hotel and Spa


Biophilic Advantages of Laser Cut Metal Screens

Biophilic design practices encourage the use of natural elements in architecture and design. These practices include bringing organic patterns indoors and blurring the lines between indoor and outdoor spaces. For laser cut screen doors, this can mean choosing a natural laser cut pattern like the designs seen in our botanical collection. Allowing guests to enter and exit through a naturally themed door can reduce the sense of division between their indoor and outdoor environment. Our laser cut panels can also be installed to allow light and air to pass through freely, reducing the confining effects that solid walls and doors can have.

Sliding Doors – Blossom Design

Silian Art Gallery

Laser Cut Door Infill


Laser cut window panels can also take advantage of these biophilic design principals. By installing a decorative metal security screen in a sunlit window, you will be rewarded with a slowly shifting display of natural light and shadow. You can create natural airflow without adjusting your window screens or compromising your security. Biophilic design elements can naturally soothe residents, employees, and patrons as they move through your space, while granting an enhanced sense of safety and peace of mind.

City Pavilion Apartments

Laser Cut Sliding Doors – Private Client

Queen Elizabeth St.


The Kitty Hawk

Sliding Doors

Notting Hill


Customization Options for Metal Doors, Windows, and Gates

Options for customizing your laser cut screen doors, windows, and laser cutting designs for gates include a variety of design and color possibilities. We offer 11 standard colors for high-quality powder coat finishes to accentuate your genuine metal screens. You are also able to define the exact dimensions that your installation requires; we will work with you to create laser cut security screens to meet your specifications. Additional design and branding details like a street address, company logo, or company name can also be included on your laser cut metal security screen. Provisions for incorporating closing mechanisms and keypads are available, for additional security.

The Lalit Hotel

Laser Cut Screens

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Contact Our Team Today for a price quote and additional details about how you can incorporate beautiful and functional laser cut security screens into your next design project. Our customer service team is conscientious and responsive, providing you with the individualized attention that you need during the design and ordering process. We are fully committed to your needs at every level of our organization, ensuring the excellence of your final product. Become our valued customer and discover why GTM Artisan Metal is your best resource for precision laser cut screen doors, window security screens, and artisan metal gates.

GTM Artisan Metal is an US authorized fabricator for Miles & Lincoln designs, located in the US.