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Decorative metal screen panels can add character and visual interest to your corporate office, restaurant, home, or other venue. You can find decorative metal screen panels in boardrooms, reception areas, and public spaces around the world. Our precision laser cut aluminum panels are used as architectural decoration for a variety of interior and exterior design projects. We offer highly-exclusive designs for laser cut accent walls, decorative metal balcony panels, custom ventilation covers, backlit ceiling displays, and other applications. Working with GTM Artisan Metal, you have access to our library of 200 designs from Miles & Lincoln,. We are an authorized fabricator for Miles & Lincoln designs in the US.

Privacy Screen – Tangle in Gold

Chop Bar & Grill

The Lalit Hotel


Customize your laser cut design, colors, and sizes

Decorative metal screen panels provide an eye-catching way to display any of our Miles & Lincoln designs, with additional options for customization. Laser cut designs on metal can include a company logo, address, or other brand messaging. To customize the color of your aluminum laser cut panels, we also offer a standard selection of 11 different powder coat finishes. Our fully customizable panels can be designed to fit virtually any architectural space, with options to combine multiple panels to fill larger spaces. These attractive metal panels can also be used as freestanding privacy screens, giving you the option to reposition your decorative metal screen panels at any time.

The Gherkin

Grand Designs Live

Chilston Park Hotel

Dream Cruises – Viewing Deck

WTW – 20 Liberty St, New York

WTW Willis Building


Using decorative panels to attract business

Laser cut metal panels can support your corporate or retail business by increasing awareness of your brand and defining a unique style. Decorative metal screen panels can be designed as backlit signs that light up the night, increasing visibility for businesses such as restaurants, hotels, bars, and nightclub venues. Laser cut designs on metal can also include a business name or laser cut logo to make memorable impressions for your brand. With indoor and outdoor installation options, you can reach potential customers that walk or drive past your location, reinforcing the presence of your business. With or without custom branding, our attractive laser cut screens seek to attract and impress.

Amazon Regional HQ – Barcelona

Amazon Regional HQ – Barcelona

Goodmans Fields – London

Aberdeen Asset Management

Roof Top Garden


Beautiful biophilic benefits

Laser cut designs on metal can also be used as a part of biophilic design, a contemporary architectural design practice. In biophilic design, natural themes and patterns are used to bridge the gap between indoor and outdoor spaces. This provides comfort and emotional benefits to new visitors and daily occupants. Botanical laser cut patterns can be incorporated into an office near entrances or in areas with limited access to natural views. With the inclusion of biophilic design elements, your architecture can stimulate the human eye and create a sense of calm.

Laser Cut Pergola – Private Client

Courtyard Garden Screens

Belgravia House

Laser Cut Wall Screens

Amnesia Club

42 Trinity Sq.

Courtyard Laser Cut Screens

City Suite Apartments – Foyer Screens

Atrium Screens

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GTM Artisan Metal has an in-depth understanding of how decorative metal screen panels can achieve a wide variety of architectural design goals. Connect with our team to discuss how we can bring your visions to life. We will discuss the design, ordering, and delivery process, guiding you towards creating your ideal decorative laser cut panel installation. Contact us today for additional details and for a price quote on your next design project.

GTM Artisan Metal is an US authorized fabricator for Miles & Lincoln designs, located in the US.