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Chop Bar & Grill

The Lalit Hotel

The Gherkin

Grand Designs Live

Chilston Park Hotel

Dream Cruises - Viewing Deck

WTW - 20 Liberty St, New York

WTW Willis Building

Amazon Regional HQ - Barcelona

Amazon Regional HQ - Barcelona

Goodmans Fields - London

Aberdeen Asset Management

Roof top garden

Laser Cut Pergola - Private Client

Courtyard Garden Screens

Belgravia House

Laser Cut Wall Screens

Amnesia Club

42 Trinity Sq.

Courtyard Laser Cut Screens

City Suite Apartments - Foyer Screens

Atrium Screens

All Miles & Lincoln patterns/designs are copyright protected, and are not to be reproduced or modified without our written consent.
GTM Artisan Metal is the only US authorized fabricator for Miles & Lincoln designs, located in the US.

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Laser Cut Metal Screens for Architecture & Interiors