Decorative Metal Wall Panels

Decorative metal wall panels can be the most remarkable part of your bar, restaurant, hotel, store, house or office space. They showcase your unique, individual style or brand that won’t go unnoticed by your customers or guests. Our laser cut metal panels are ideally suited for both for outdoor and interior environments.

What makes laser metal cutting so special?
Laser cutting technology transforms an ordinary sheet of metal into an ornamental piece of art.

GTM Artisan Metal offers our architecture, design, contractor and homeowner customers complete fabrication capabilities. That means we can create decorative metal screens with our Miles and Lincoln designs or customize them to anything you can imagine. Designers, architects and contractors use our panels for room dividers, shade curtains, wall hangings, suspended ceilings, balustrade infill, and other interior and exterior applications. Additionally, our custom artisan metal components complement the panels and can fit any interior or exterior application.

High quality metal panels are an excellent investment. We use aluminum, iron, stainless steel, cor-ten, bronze and copper. And, our finishing capabilities will ensure that your decorative metal screens and wall panels will match your building’s style.

Decorative Metal Panels, Gherkin Design in Bronze M1000

Interior Metal Wall Panels

Laser cut metal panels provide infinite possibilities in room decor – from a simple-pattern perforated metal panel divider to an ornamental round wall panel with a company logo. Make your next architectural project unique with interior metal wall panels from GTM Artisan Metal.

Exterior Wall Panels

Decorative exterior wall panels are the perfect “wow” factor to outdoor spaces such as patios and gardens. Our decorative metal screens and panels are painted with architectural polyester powders that are excellent for exterior applications. We have a wide variety of architectural colors—bronze, gold, silver and copper shades—and can send you sample paint colors if needed. And, as a complete metalworking shop, we can help with any of your additional custom metal fabrication needs including custom metal shelving, bar tops, bracketries, entrance screens, furniture, garden lattice units and much more.

With over 200 designs currently available, contact us for more project ideas. 

Architectural Metal Wall Panel Manufacturing

GTM Artisan Metal will supply full fabrication and material expertise to your next project.

  • Laser Cutting
  • Metal Bending
  • Metal Stamping
  • Robotic Welding
  • Buffed, Brushed Finishes
  • Powder Coatings

Decorative Metal Screen and Wall Panel Applications

Architectural wall panels from GTM Artisan Metal are perfect for many interior and exterior applications.

  • Decorative Metal Screens and Wall Panels
  • Outdoor Metal Screens
  • Metal Divider Screens
  • Window Screens
  • Metal Stairwell Panels
  • Exterior Wall Panels
  • Exterior Window Panels
  • Decorative Metal Panels Exterior
  • Laser Cut Wall Art

Architectural Metal Wall Panel Locations

Decorative metal screen and wall panels fit the architectural style and decor of many building types and locations.

  • Hotels
  • Bars and Entertainment Locations
  • Office Buildings
  • High End Retail Stores
  • High Rise Condominiums
  • Museums
  • Conference Rooms and Meeting Spaces

GTM Artisan Metal is your trusted partner if you are looking for decorative wall panels and metal screens in Philadelphia, PA or across the United States. Our facilities are located in Huntingdon Valley, PA near Doylestown.

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With over 50 years of experience as metal fabricators and metal engineering service providers, we have the collective expertise to assist you in the cost-effective manufacturing of your architectural metal wall panels and screens. Contact our sales manager to get started.

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