Resort Vibes

Resort Vibes

In Fashion, after Fall comes “Resort”. Knowing, as the weather cools, and the holidays quickly approach, people start to dream of travel. Today’s palette is a nod to Miami, to Palm trees, sand and vintage hotel inspired finishes. Let’s buy a plane ticket!

GTM Artisan Metal’s Strelitzia pattern designed by Urban Metal in Gold A1000.

The gorgeous finishes supporting this palette, were generously supplied by our collaborative partners Felicia Wallace-Benton at Daltile, Catherine Pelletier at Carnegie Fabrics, and Aaron Luck at Shaw Carpet

Carnegie Fabrics: Panorama 6036-4, Paramour 6176-1
Daltile: Fabric Art ML60, Fabric Art MT60, Isla French Tan Pebble Mosaic, Jewel Tide JT01, Revalia RV24, Mesmerist MM33
Shaw Carpet: “Mosaic” Painted 5A265,

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