Have you thought about LAYERING with laser cut screens?
Layering creates a unique look, with a depth and visual intrigue, that will make your design stand out from all the rest.

The starting point for an effective layered look is contrast in scale and color. Offsetting patterns to add depth is also an effective approach. Spaces created between layers with matching powder coated stand-offs further increase the visual depth.

Arrange different shapes, patterns, textures, and colors to play off one another. This will also add dimension to the design. Let your creativity play by contrasting or rotating the patterns.

The “Rule of Three”, is a solid rule of thumb in interior design and it applies here as well. Odd numbers of items simply have more visual appeal than even numbers, and three is the magic number.

GTM Artisan Metal is currently finishing up plans for a groundbreaking layered installation in a major East Coast city. Stay tuned in Spring 2024 for the big reveal of our collaboration. This layered installation will be like nothing you have ever seen before!

GTM Artisan Metal’s EFESI pattern designed by Urban Metal in BRONZE M1000 and GOLD M4000

Custom made abstract map in Pewter 1000 with location markers in Gold A1000


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