All About Aqua

All About Aqua

The soothing quality of aqua adds an ethereal, dreamy quality to any space, while offering tremendous versatility. This makes it a well-suited accent color against a neutral palette. Aqua breathes freshness and air onto this foundation of neutral gray floor coverings, while the gold toned ornamental screen adds brightness, contrast, and visual interest worthy of taking center stage.

GTM Artisan Metal’s ORIENTAL 1 pattern designed by Urban Metal in GOLD M4000.

The gorgeous finishes supporting this palette, were generously supplied by our collaborative partners:
Felicia Wallace-Benton at Daltile, Catherine Pelletier at Carnegie Fabrics, Linda Cipriano at Benjamin Moore and Mohawk Carpet

Benjamin Moore Classics Paint
Carnegie Fabrics: Revolve Print 6972-101, Primary 6902-10,
Daltile: Modern Textile MT54, Stormy Mist Marble M048, Industrial Metals IM22, Color Story Hex Mosaic 0058, 5” Arabesque ARB-2 Laguna, MM35, Stencil SC37
Mohawk Group: Lichen Macro Bloom/GT388 976 Dust Cloud

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