It is our innate tendency as humans, to be drawn toward nature. Evoking nature in design might conjure up images of verdant palettes, but there is no need to be a slave to green hues, when trying to evoke the outdoors. Natural textures of wool, and linen, driftwood tones, and warm greys are soothing to the soul, and offer a less predictable solution, when you want to reference the natural world in your design.

GTM Artisan Metal’s REEDS pattern designed by Urban Metal GOLD M4000.

The gorgeous finishes supporting this palette, were generously supplied by our collaborative partners:
Felicia Wallace-Benton at Daltile, Catherine Pelletier at Carnegie Fabrics, Linda Cipriano at Benjamin Moore and Mohawk Carpet

Benjamin Moore Paints: Shaker Beige HC-45, Etiquette AF-50
Carnegie Fabrics: Solstice 6998-3, Buff 6518-42, Paramour 6176-1
Daltile: Famed FM13 Matte, Sterling Meg Mix Pebbles. Revalia Remix Mosaic RV24, Choreo CH31,
D. Segni DS20
Mohawk Group: Lichen Community, Macro Bloom II GT474, 831 Gold Dust Bark

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