Would you like to create a nature inspired space without being tied to literal references?
Think abstractly. Color, texture and patterns that subtly reference things in nature can create a far more interesting feel than more obvious references. Like an impressionist painting, they will allow people in the space to experience the design in their own personal way.

GTM Artisan Metal’s WATERMARK pattern designed by Urban Metal BLACK 1000.

The gorgeous finishes supporting this palette, were generously supplied by our collaborative partners:
Felicia Wallace-Benton at Daltile, Catherine Pelletier at Carnegie Fabrics, Linda Cipriano at Benjamin Moore and Mohawk Carpet

Benjamin Moore Paints: Benjamin Moore Classics
Carnegie Fabrics: Panorama 6036-4, Paramour 6176-1
Daltile: Famed FM13 Matte, Scrapbook SB38, Retro Rounds RR14, Marble MO72 Bamboo
Mohawk Group: Lichen Community, Macro Bloom II GT474, 856

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