Better Off Red

Better Off Red

Red is a bold attention-grabbing color. Warm and positive, red is generally associated with passion. It exudes a strong, powerful energy. Balanced out with the stability of black, this is a powerful combination for spaces where you want to bring in energy and generate excitement. The bold repeat of our EDEN LEAF laser cut screen is the perfect companion to this palette.

GTM Artisan Metal’s EDEN LEAF pattern designed by Urban Metal in Black 1000.

The gorgeous finishes supporting this palette, were generously supplied by our collaborative partners Felicia Wallace-Benton at Daltile, @Catherine Pelletier at Carnegie Fabrics, @Jennifer Sullivan at Mohawk Group and Linda Cipriano at Benjamin Moore

Benjamin Moore Paints: Caliente AF-290, Gray Owl OC-52, Black HC-190
Carnegie Fabrics: Color Riot 6754-8, Chroma 6538-22
Daltile: Fabric Art ML60, Retro Rounds RR14, D Segni MOUA, CEGI Picket Bright White
Mohawk Group: Durkhan, Street Thread/Street Smarts, GT196/Md045, color: 379 Mod

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