Navigating a Custom Project

Navigating a Custom Project

Map in Finished Lobby

Unlike purchasing a ready-made product, which sits in a warehouse, on a shelf, navigating a custom made or custom designed project with GTM Artisan Metal is a process. Every new project presents its own unique set of challenges and requires that we conceive of unique solutions. Consequently, the process is slightly different each time.

Experience has shown me, that there are three very important pieces of advice to be offered, to those who embark on a project using custom laser cut screens. The first is that full, clear and concise communication is essential for success. The second, is to assume nothing. The third, is to ask a lot of questions.

One really special aspect of working on a project with GTM Artisan Metal, and our partners in design, Urban metal, is the personal attention to your project. We are a small fabricator, with long history, and a team of talented people who each has their own area of expertise. When we work on a project with a client, we work in collaboration with them to help make their vision come to life. Consequently, we are available to answer all your questions, as the design process evolves.

We all have expectations that we bring to the table when we go into any collaboration. When collaborating on the creation of something you will be building from scratch with a fabricator, it is always wisest to set any assumptions aside, and come to the table ready with questions regarding the process. We, as your fabricator will be coming to the table with plenty of questions about your intention for the design, and ready to explain the process from A to Z.

You will want to be prepared to provide us as much information about your project as possible. Before we can create a quote, we will need to know the dimensions of the laser cut panels you are planning, how many you need and where they are to be installed. Will your laser cut screens be backlit? Installed atop a pergola? Hanging from the ceiling? Do you want to include a company logo? What kind of pattern suits your overall design? What finish color are you looking for? All these elements will affect the kind of mounting hardware we recommend, the method of connection, whether or not the screens will need to be framed and possibly the kind of powder coating used.

In many custom designed projects, such as maps, logos or large installations, connection details may emerge that need custom solutions. GTM is a fabricator that grew from a long established tool making company. Our team has the experience and skill to conceive of the solutions necessary to make your project work. As the project progresses, our team will work through the options. We will discuss the solutions with you. While ultimately, we will be driving the solutions, we will be consulting with you and honoring your input all the way.

When the designer and the fabricator work in unison the project progresses in a timely manner, and the outcome is something we can all take pride in.

At GTM Artisan Metal, we are proud of our team, our history, and the quality of our laser cut screens.
We are also proud of our commitment to you, the architects, designers and property owners who trust us to help make their projects sing.

So, bring us your project, your vision, and all of your questions! Let’s forge memorable spaces TOGETHER!